It all started with chemistry

And of a common vision. When Margaux and Fiona meet for the first time, it is as if they have always known each other. 

They immediately start discussing the creation of a shooting project with enthusiasm and rigor as core values.

Fiona introduces Margaux to her beloved Nathan who also happens to be a videographer. The pieces of the puzzle delicately start coming together in a perfect representation of their shared universe. They know this is the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Followed by Love at first email

Emails turn into a phone call and before they know it, they are infatuated. 

On the phone, Marylin and Margaux’s ideas get entwined, their words flow and what was a simple approach slips away to reveal the obviousness of what is happening. A shared authenticity, a shared passion for Love and a common desire to spread happiness as far and as wide as possible.

Soon, the desire to create a common project takes shape. What follows comes naturally. When instincts step in, everything becomes quite simple.

And a photo shooting in the mountains

In a place so remote it seems it is playing hard to get. An elopement during a splendid summer evening and dusk about to fall.

More heartfelt connections are made in these effervescent and timeless instants.

Margaux, Fiona, Nathan and Marylin meet and click through their shared intentions.

When things fall into place, subtle symbiosis shapes naturally.

And pictures around words

Flowers on wood, soft colors in the midst of a staggering painting, the result is pure poetry.

Our will to recreate such living poetry again and again birthed our project: Chocolate & Champagne. On the menu: finesse and joy, taste and excellence, human connection and sensitivity, delicacy and Swiss quality.

But above all, it’s a story

Of our common desire to answer your personal desires.

Of four lives dedicated to emotions and honoring the ones that drive you.

Of a marriage of personalities personalities to highlight the marriage of our own love story to tell yours.

Our love story exists to tell the tale of your own.

Welcome to our sweet and bubbly universe.

organisation elopement suisse