The Most Beautiful Spots in Switzerland for an Elopement

August 31, 2020

Our Selection of the Best Spots in Switzerland for an Elopement

For many foreigners, Switzerland is a country full of promises. And, true enough, Helvetia features quite a few assets, chief amongst them are its breathtaking landscapes. Known for its legendary discretion, its refinement and the high quality of its services, Switzerland is a preferred place to tie the knot for many a couple coming from around the world, either you want to have an elopement or an intimate wedding.

At Chocolate & Champagne, we are very attuned to the desires of every couple to help them select a conventionally dreamy and yet exclusive place. The atmosphere is as important as the beauty of the place in question. This is why we take the time to really figure out the desires of our love birds by tuning in to their dreams and understanding the kind of ambiance they are looking for to say “I do”.

And then there are spots that may not be out-there but that will remain all time classics.

We selected our favorite spots and shared why they are so special to us.


Spot elopement Switzerland Lavaux

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the wine region of Lavaux is a gem found in French-speaking Switzerland.

With its terraced vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva, which stretches further than the eye can see, amidst the mountains, this location is picturesque and offers tons of intimate spots to tie the knot.

Amidst the vineyards, on the shore of the lake, on a boat, on a secret beach or on rocks: possibilities are endless and will delight the hedonists among us.

After the ceremony, you will savor a local wine with a breathtaking view of the Lake Geneva area.

Creux du Van

Spot elopement SwitzerlandCreux du Van

This rocky cirque is a wonder of nature, with its dizzying cliff reminiscent of a horseshoe. This magnificent view of the lakes of the Swiss plateau, the Alps, the Jura and France will enthrall you. 

The location can be accessed by car or on foot for the adventurous among us. After 14 turns and a decent amount of stamina, you will be rewarded by the sheer beauty of the unfolding landscape made even greater by the typical Swiss meal waiting to make your taste buds tingle.

Then, on the road, you will mostly likely spot chamois, ibex, marmots or maybe even a lynx, since these animals live near the canyon.


Oeschinensee elopement Switzerland

This is definitely one of the most typical landscapes that come to mind when picturing Switzerland. With its undertones of blue and turquoise, nestled between towering mountains and offering a spectacular clear view, this lake is a favorite among foreigners who want to get hitched in nature.

And it’s understandable. The ride to get there is already a poetic experience in itself. Aboard a cable car, you will graze upon flocks of sheets peacefully grazing while you’re going up. And once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, you will breathe clean air and enjoy a scenery worthy of Heidi.

The location may be popular among tourists, but “secret spots” perfect for an intimate ceremony are plenty. Whichever side of the lake you choose, each features its own character, and have no doubt that we will find the one for you.


Spot elopement Switzerland Blausee

Not far from Oeschinen Lake, another famous lake can be found: Blausee. This mystical scenery, with its emerald colored lake and densely wooded forest, will bewitch the most romantic lovers among us. 

Located in the middle of a nature reserve, with a small hotel offering all the comfort one can dream of for their wedding night and numerous trails in and from the park, Blausee is an excellent place to tie the knot.

We will suggest the best time of year to celebrate your union in the most intimate setting.


Zermatt intimate wedding switzerland

Here is one of the emblems of Switzerland: Zermatt and its famous Matterhorn. Summer or winter, this location is ideal for an adventurous or otherworldly ceremony.

At the top of the ski slopes, on the shore of Lake Stellisee or on the heated terrace of a charming hotel, possibilities are endless.

In Zermatt, only electric taxis are allowed, ensuring much appreciated clean air and quietness.  

At nightfall, the entire village lights up which makes the whole scenery look like it just came out of a fairy tale. The picture would not be complete without a delicious meal. Because Zermatt satisfies your every desire and more!


Intimate ceremony Switzerland Vitznauerstock

Up high in the city of Lucerne, you will find the best standpoint to gaze upon Lake Lucerne.

Here, you will stand above the clouds, with a 360-degree view of the vastness of Switzerland.

Amidst the hills, against the backdrop of majestic mountains, you will feel like the only two people in the world. Be aware that you may never want to leave this enchanting place…

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to go back to the village in time to witness the most beautiful sunset aboard your gondola.

* If you also consider one of these amazing spots in Switzerland for your elopement or if you want us to help you find another secluded location, contact us so we can start to plan your dream intimate wedding from here!*

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